Wireless Monitored Emergency Lighting System Made Easy

Wireless Monitored Emergency Lighting System Made Easy
Published: 1 November 2020

Stanilite Emergency Lighting has a history of innovation and development and has been leading the way in emergency lighting technology for over 40 years.

Stanilite has just launched Nexus RF® Infinity, incorporating the latest technology in wireless system monitoring, using a proprietary protocol for radio frequency wireless communication between the fittings and network infrastructure. This allows customers to set-up, maintain and control their entire emergency lighting installations via a website browser on any mobile device or computer with access to the network. It provides a real-time overview of all systems which in turn saves time, enables better maintenance and enhances building safety.

The Nexus RF® Infinity builds on the solid foundation of Nexus RF® wireless system and now incorporates digital enhancements to reduce all aspects of the product life cycle. It provides a digital overview through the cloud which gives users instant information to assist resource planning and enhance building safety, which can be processed directly from a smart device.

This system does not require a server computer, nor does it require data cabling to fittings. The user interaction with Nexus RF® Infinity is via a mobile optimized web platform, or website browser.

Electrical Supply Corp has been the proud distributor of Stanilite in New Zealand for over 17 years and has grown a large team of experienced and dedicated staff consisting of a nationwide sales force, technical support, and design team.

Their design team can provide a free emergency design service, including the supply of approved PS1’s (Producer Statement – Design), in addition PS4’s (Producer Statement – Construction Review) can also be issued on request.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy installation with hassle free mobile phone commissioning
  • Backwards compatibility for existing Nexus RF installations
  • Report distribution from mobile devices
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • 300% increase in router capacity
  • Simplicity
  • Building Management System (BMS) integration
  • Enhanced IT security features including HTTPS (SSL) encryption and DHCP via Static IP address

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