Water with a Twist

Water with a Twist
Published: 1 November 2020

With water restrictions a certainty this summer, collecting rainwater is a growing necessity for New Zealand households.

Rain captured by spouting is free and is great for use in the garden, lawns, general cleaning, topping up pools or ponds, watering animals and as an emergency supply should the worse happen.

Adding a downpipe diverter is the best way to harvest water from spouting in an urban environment and the Marley Twist won Master Plumbers Product of the year 2018 with good reason. It’s both innovative and effortless.

Turning rainwater collection on and off is as simple as a twist. Twist the upper housing to the ‘on’ position and the Twist collects a portion of the rainwater coming down the downpipe before it disappears, wasted, into the stormwater system.  Twist is designed for tanks up to 1000L in size. Water feeds into the tank via a spigot that fits a standard garden hose. Twist integratesseamlessly with Marley RP80® 80mm round downpipes, and it comes in white and a selection of five Stratus Design Series® colours. Installation is easy with a stick on cutting template and no glue is required.

After a hassle-free installation, the Twist can fill a 300 litre tank in an hour of constant moderate rainfall..

As Marley is proudly made in New Zealand its products are specifically designed for our country’s salt-laden coastal air and harsh summer sun. There are no metal parts to rust or corrode and all Marley rainwater systems carry a 15-year guarantee.

Marley are also Best Environmental Practice certified, for their sourcing, manufacture and end of life disposal of PVC building products. As part of it’s ISO 14001 certification, the company has an ongoing commitment to environmental management continually monitors energy and resource usage to minimise impact on the natural environment.

Available at all major building and plumbing merchants.

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