Thermakraft Premium Joining Tape

Thermakraft Premium Joining Tape
Published: 29 November 2020

Thermakraft 75mm Premium Joining Tape is multi-layered reinforced, synthetic construction tape used to join James Hardie RAB sheets and a wide range of flexible underlays and rigid sheathing products.

The product was created specifically to satisfy a need for a stronger, more durable product able to endure longer UV exposure – up to 180 days.

The thick layer of acrylic adhesive bonds to common construction substrates and supports a wide range of operating temperatures – can be installed from -10degrees.  It can be used residential and commercial construction. Simply centre and apply onto the lap joints of underlays and rigid sheathing products.

Thermakraft 75mm Premium Joining Tape can be used to join the laps of wall and roof underlays, damp proof membranes, vapour control products such as foil underlays and rigid sheathing products (e.g. plywood rigid underlay, OSB board, fibre cement and insulation panels).

Thermakraft Premium Joining Tape product features include:

  • Can be used with flexible underlays that meet the performance requirements outlined in standard NZS 2295.2006.
  • Is suitable to use with air barrier underlays in unlined wall spaces.
  • Is suitable to be used in conjunction with thermal breaks on steel framed buildings.
  • Installation temperature from -10°C.
  • Roll Size 75mm wide x 23m long. Rolls are individually packaged.
  • Unaffected by LOSP or other solvent based treated timber. However, LOSP or other solvent-based treated timber must have sufficient time for the solvent to flash off in a well ventilated area. Recommended minimum 7 days.

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