Strategies to Prevent and Manage Infection Risk with Gentec

Strategies to Prevent and Manage Infection Risk with Gentec
Published: 29 November 2020

If you are a healthcare facility manager or its design architect, you can protect and improve against the risk of infection and superbugs by using hygienically designed sanitaryware.

“Handwashing has been identified as the single most important action in preventing the spread of hospital acquired (and antibiotic-resistant) infections such as golden staph. The World Health Organisation estimates that these superbug infections contribute to 80,000 deaths each year. The issue is pressing – but despite their training and good intentions, hospital and healthcare staff don’t always follow handwashing protocols.”

Source: Wicked Problem Hospital Handwashing

For years, researchers have been investigating how basins, valves and other plumbing fixtures become superbug and infectious bacteria spreaders.

Waterware has highlighted 3 risk factors and corresponding solutions:

1ST RISK FACTOR – minimise disturbing bacteria and biofilm at and in the basin waste

Taps discharging into or nearby wastes transfer bacteria and biofilm, undoing the whole benefit of a hand wash, and has the potential to cause hazardous situations around the bowl area. A rear-offset waste ensures taps will not discharge into waste, and that the spray pattern resulting from hand washing will not produce aerosol bacteria and biofilms from inside the waste.


Sterisan® Basins with a rear offset waste helps to eliminate aerosol from taps and the resulting spray pattern from a handwash. Anti-Microbial technology in Sterisan Basins and Sloped surfaces, help to prevent bacteria growth in stagnant water and reduce risk factors.

2ND RISK FACTOR – biofilm build up in basins is a big issue for hygienic hand wash stations

Turning the water on in a basin can launch pipe-climbing superbugs. Biofilm at the basin is a significant issue, in surgery, scrubbing and icu areas


Install a Basin Grate Seal GS32 that will help minimise bacterial growth and assist with a robust cleaning regime to aid infection control. Adding a device with antimicrobial additives and nanotechnology ions will assist in preventing bacteria growth and airborne mould.

3RD RISK FACTOR – bacteria entering habitable spaces via floor drains

Bacteria, vermin, airborne mould and odour can filter and travel from any floor drain. For aged care and healthcare facilities floor drains present a common risk in infection prevention control.


Use a flexible, antimicrobial Grate Seal to prevent bacteria creeping from dirty traps into the hygienic common spaces, via floor drain wastes. The Neoprene rubber with antimicrobial additives and nanotechnology, prevents bacteria growth, airborne mould and is self-cleaning. It prevents odour, and vermin from exiting the drain


Biofilm, bacteria and superbugs are not easily ‘washed away’. GENTEC have the patented healthcare solutions you need to protect your facility. Our solutions are designed to prevent the spreading of infectous disease to other staff and patients.

Contact the team at Waterware on 0800 WATERWARE to learn more about GENTEC products and solutions, and how they can help you maintain a healthy hygienic and safe working environment.