SLIM STYLE – the Strata collection by Firth

SLIM STYLE - the Strata collection by Firth
Published: 1 November 2020

Using brick has a lot of perks – low maintenance, don’t require repainting or re-rendering and will literally last a lifetime. Bricks also have excellent thermal mass properties, making them better at keeping internal temperatures stable all year round.

Slimline bricks throwback to the Frank Lloyd Wright architectural style of the early 1900s, and their lean profile is a pleasant shift in proportion from the typical 230mm brick. Using them to play with pattern and proportion is re-emerging as a massive architectural trend.

The addition of the Strata collection to the Firth Designer Brick range has proven popular – providing the opportunity to add major visual interest to interior and exterior facades, entrances, formal areas and fireplaces.

At 290mmL x 75mmH x 70mmD, the flatter, elongated bricks are also great for creating decorative effects such as banding and corbelling in walls and pillars, giving a strong design edge to residential and commercial buildings.

The Strata range has the cut-rock texture of modern concrete bricks in earthy and light colours that capture the palette of the New Zealand landscape.  When paired with natural timber cladding, they can evoke a feeling of warm and peaceful strength.

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