Outstanding Tapware Design – Without the Lead

Outstanding Tapware Design – Without the Lead
Published: 17 September 2020

There are many safety concerns around the amount of lead in tapware. The World Health Organization deems no level of exposure is safe, with warnings that lead can have permanent effects on the brain and nervous system, especially in young children.

And yet, in New Zealand, although the Ministry of Health acknowledges that metals leach from plumbing pipes and fittings in people’s homes, the Drinking-water Standards are not legally enforceable, and the Ministry doesn’t monitor them.

Franklins Plumbing imports and distributes Hansa tapware, considered to be among the best quality in the market, in terms of design, material, finish and technology, and commitment to clean, lead-free water delivery.

Hansa uses MS63DR Brass – premium brass due to its low lead content: 63% Copper / 36% Zinc. Hansa Basin faucets also have less than 0.8% lead and Kitchen faucets have less than 0.3% lead.

Hansa has a high-tech functional core. They use medical-grade plastic that protects the water from the rest of the faucet as it flows through. The plastics have DVGW certifications (the biggest certifier for the gas and water industries), conform to KTW standards (a German quality standard for rubber and plastic components in contact with drinking water) and are tested in accordance with W270 standards (components in contact with drinking water have been tested and approved by German laboratories).

All of this means that Hansa meets all international standards (and exceeds all New Zealand standards) for water quality.

See the Hansa range at Franklins Plumbers and Builders Supplies at franklins.co.nz/hansa-4