Mitsubishi’s Fire Standard ALPOLIC® NC/A1 Outperforms All Solid Aluminium Cladding

Mitsubishi’s Fire Standard ALPOLIC® NC/A1 Outperforms All Solid Aluminium Cladding
Published: 17 September 2020

World-first A1 non-combustible cladding now available in NZ.

New Zealand architectural and Building supplies group PSP Limited, in association with Mitsubishi Chemical Infratech, is bringing the world’s first fire-safe aluminium composite cladding, ALPOLIC® NC/A1 to New Zealand, significantly lifting the performance of multi-storey building cladding options available to specifiers and insurers.

ALPOLIC® NC/A1 is a fire -safe aluminium composite material with a non-combustible mineral core that contains zero polyethylene. It has achieved the highest possible European Fire Standard, Euroclass A1, which substantially outperforms solid aluminium and cement cladding product options.

It is also the first ACM product to fall under Category D (non-combustible) in the Insurance Council of Australia Hazard Identification and Category Rating guide.

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec in Japan, ALPOLIC® NC/A1 represents 49 years of know-how and experience in the development and manufacture of aluminium composite panels.

Vaughan Brown, Business Unit Manager – Building Brands at PSP, says: “As the global market leader, Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec stands for safety, innovation, high quality and confidence that you are being backed by a world class organisation that stands behind its products. Specifying ALPOLIC® NC/A1 to several projects in Australia already, they understand the need for quality, reliability and the confidence you are being backed by the manufacturer, Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec in Japan.

“With the rapid change in the cladding market and issues with fire safety, the demand for non-combustible cladding for high rise structures became a major priority for specifiers and insurance companies worldwide. Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec has met this challenge; they have continued their traditional innovative approach and have developed the world’s first A1 non-combustible composite panel.”

ALPOLIC® NC/A1 can be used as an exterior or interior cladding and roof covering for new buildings and re-clad applications wherever a non-combustible material is required.

The product also outperforms all other existing cladding options in the following ways:

  • Temperature – 4mm ALPOLIC® NC/A1 performs better than 3mm solid aluminium in the AS5113 test. The 3mm aluminium has failed all temperature criteria in this test.
  • Weight – The total mass test of 3mm solid aluminium weighed 46.5kg as compared to 6.7kg in the case of 4.0mm ALPOLIC® NC/A1. The largest piece of ALPOLIC® NC/A1 weighed less than 100g versus 19.5kg for 3mm solid aluminium in the AS5113 Test.
  • Thermal conductivity – ALPOLIC® NC/A1 also has a much lower thermal conductivity as compared to solid aluminium (0.4/m-k vs 190 W/m-k)
  • Colour uniformity – using the state-of-the-art die-coater coil coating process ensures complete colour consistency, unique to Mitsubishi ALPOLIC® NC/A1.
  • Flatness – ALPOLIC® NC/A1 4mm has better rigidity than 3mm solid Aluminium.
  • Ease of installation – ALPOLIC® NC/A1 is far lighter than cement and glass cladding options.
  • Environmentally – ALPOLIC® NC/A1 is recyclable, and C02 emissions during production are 48.2% lower than 3mm solid aluminium (18.5 kg – C02/m2 vs 36.57 kg – C02/m2) and use of the product may contribute to LEED credits.
  • Warranty – ALPOLIC® NC/A1 is backed by global leading and trusted Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec from Japan, offering a 20-year coating and panel warranty.

Vaughan Brown adds: “We encourage specifiers and insurers to look again at cored product, as ALPOLIC® NC/A1 substantially raises the bar for cladding buildings above 10 metres in height. It has passed the most stringent and rigorous testing, of which we have detailed evidence. It is a massive step up, a real game changer, and should be back on specifiers’ decision-making agendas.

“We have sold Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec ALPOLIC® products in New Zealand for over 20 years. Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec products are of the highest manufactured and tested standards anywhere in the world, reflected by their product support and warranties.”

For details on the product, certifications and testing, please contact: Vaughan Brown: T: 09 415 2800, M: 027 288 8388, E: [email protected].

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