Clean, Classic Lines and Economic Installation

Clean, Classic Lines and Economic Installation
Published: 17 September 2020

Case Study – 39 Clea View, Gulf Harbour
Designed by Selena Duncan, Architectural Designer for Duncan Building Services Ltd. Built by Duncan Building Services Ltd.

When Selena Duncan, Architectural Designer for Duncan Building Services wanted to give a beachside heritage style to 3-bedroom home on the sunny Whangaparaoa Peninsula, she chose the Dynex PALLISIDE® high-quality, engineered weatherboard system.

Designed for New Zealand’s unique environment, PALLISIDE® is ideal for use in coastal areas and high wind zones.

“The concept for the house was a ‘modern villa’,” Duncan says. “We were looking for something that would look similar to a standard timber weatherboard – something economic that would be easy to maintain.

“We saw PALLISIDE® and really liked the product. Aesthetically it’s brilliant. It’s got the look we’re after, and obviously the low maintenance factor is extremely important as well,” she said.

Duncan says the clients didn’t want a standard brick-and-tile style house. But, for the busy family on the go – parents working full-time with two kids, regular sports activities, and wanting free time with the family, not having to maintain the cladding was a huge factor.

A particular attraction was the PALLISIDE® boxed corners system Duncan had seen at the Auckland Home Show and decided it was the sort of look she wanted.

“The boxed corners were originally going to be done in timber, until we saw we had the option with PALLISIDE®, their boxed corners were new on the market at the time. They worked really well.  We did have two corners with a 135 angle that didn’t work for a straight box. So, we still used the box pieces from PALLISIDE®, with a metal flashing over the top of it to sort that issue out.”

Being prefinished and therefore not requiring painting was an important consideration and made PALLISIDE® the right solution for the project.

“The clients knew it was a little bit more expensive to install from the onset, but there were immediate savings with regard to the cost of scaffolding and painting.

“House location made it difficult to scaffold. There was limited space on the site – on either side of the house it’s quite narrow and steep sloping, so trying to get in there with scaffolding was always going to be a bit of a trick.

“And the cladding will have paid for itself in five years-time, because normally you’d have to set up scaffolding again to repaint,” says Duncan.

The other big draw point for the clients was the length of the warranty. At 25 years, it’s more than many other cladding choices out on the market. Being New Zealand made was another key factor that made PALLISIDE® the obvious choice.

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