Touchless Hygiene in Commercial Bathroom Spaces by Schell

Touchless Hygiene in Commercial Bathroom Spaces by Schell
Published: 18 August 2020

Schell Touchless Faucets are setting the trend in commercial bathroom spaces, with improved hygiene and impressive water-savings in heavily used sanitary rooms.

SCHELL produces modern fittings for washbasins, showers, WCs and urinals that meet real-world needs.

The centrally controlled SWS Water Management System is designed for maintaining water quality in larger buildings with a large number of fittings – and with sensors if needed. In this system, all electronic fittings and sensors are networked using a wired or wireless network, and managed systematically by one or more servers. Operating parameters – relating to temperatures, or to the start and end of a stagnation flush, for example – can be read and evaluated using a data protocol. With SWS gateways, the SWS Water Management System can also be integrated easily into an existing building management system.

In communal facilities such as schools, nursery schools and day-care centres, as well as sports centres, administration and cultural buildings, sanitary fittings are often old and highly uneconomical or may even be defective.

These fittings, some of which have already been in use for decades, no longer meet the demands of contemporary sanitary fittings – and it is no surprise that users often feel uncomfortable when forced to use them.

The continued use of such fittings is questionable for health reasons, since legacy facilities in particular carry a higher risk of Legionella bacteria and the dangers posed by stagnant water.

Sanitary fittings from SCHELL meet the strict hygiene requirements set by the German Drinking Water Ordinance while offering the kinds of functionality expected by modern facility planners.

The entire water flow takes place inside of high-quality plastic components allowing for a low surface temperature and preventing water from stagnating in the tap.

In spaces where longer periods of interruption in use occur, e.g. schools, additional selectable stagnation flushing for electronically-controlled washbasin fittings also further contribute to hygiene standards. At the latest, 24 hours after using last use, the fittings trigger a flow of water for approximately 20 seconds to prevent water stagnating in the pipelines and, thus prevent germs developing.

In spaces where preventing legionella is a concern, Schell also provides a solution. Legionella flushing is integrated into nearly all electronically-controlled washbasin and shower fittings, providing five minutes of a continuous flow of hot water at 70 °C for thermal disinfection, removing dangerous pathogenic organisms. This is carried out without adding chemicals to the water.

High-quality materials, automated manufacturing processes and outstanding design are hallmarks of fittings made by SCHELL in Germany.

SCHELL only uses materials suitable for water for their products, so there is no change in the characteristics of the drinking water. All Schell quality fittings meet all the requirements specified in TrinkwV 2000 (drinking water ordinance), DIN 50930 Part 6, DIN EN 1717 and KTW recommendations for plastics that come into contact with drinking water.

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