Motion Detection, Security and Energy Efficiency All in One

Motion Detection, Security and Energy Efficiency All in One
Published: 18 August 2020

The new Steinel Dual US 3x20M Corridor ultrasonic motion detector utilises the latest technology for the ultimate in motion detection, security and energy efficiency.

Thanks to ultrasonic technology, the ultrasonic signal of the Dual US envelops objects as opposed to penetrating them, providing reliable detection within 20m regardless of temperature.

The detector is ideal for corridors and passageways – watching over the entire corridor and even seeing around corners – and because all objects can be clearly detected, the Dual US switches the light on and off with maximum precision, even in long passageways.

Installed at a height of 2.5 – 3.5 metres, the presence detector identifies even the smallest of movements in a detection zone of 3 x 20 m. The sensor reliably masks out persons in adjacent rooms, which makes it the perfect corridor sensor for office and admin buildings.

The Dual US is available in different configurations and interface networks, with electronically adjustable reach, plus COM2 for switching the light ON and OFF and also for operating HVAC.

Steinel is an innovative German company with a track record of leading sensor products. All Steinel products are designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in Europe. The ideas behind their innovations are based on a simple principle: they think outside the box and scrutinise things that are taken for granted – always in dialogue with customers, consumers and their 1600 members of staff from over 20 countries.

Electrical Supply Corp (ESC) is the exclusive partner of Steinel in NZ and provides full technical support for Steinel products including the new Steinel Dual US 3x20M Corridor ultrasonic motion detector. ESC distributes Steinel products through the Electrical Wholesalers nationwide.

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