Hibond™ 80 Steel Composite Flooring System

Hibond™ 80 Steel Composite Flooring System
Published: 18 August 2020

Designed and developed in New Zealand by Dimond Structural™ the competitive new Hibond™ 80 Steel Composite Flooring System is the ultimate solution for multi-level buildings, carparks, apartments, units, offices, stadiums, community centres, hotels and industrial buildings.

Hibond™ 80 is the latest addition to the Hibond™ composite steel floor decking systems range manufactured and distributed by Dimond Structural™ in New Zealand, joining the existing Hibond™ 55 profile.

This is a great opportunity to offer designers and builders choice when it comes to metal decking systems, as it drives economy in the built environment. Hibond™ 80 was developed in New Zealand using unique arch-shaped ribs to support large un-propped spans, providing dependable and robust performance. This product builds on the integrity and trust of Dimond ’s long standing presence in the market.

Dimond Structural™ flooring systems are supported by a dedicated technical team and specialised sales and manufacturing teams in both the North and South Island, and Dimond® can also recommend a range of professional installers who offer flexibility, quality, and economy when it comes to construction.

Hibond™ 80’s design software has been developed in conjunction with the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) and has capabilities that give it the edge.

Versatile and intuitive, as well as easy to use, the software tackles the hard stuff for design efficiency with single, multiple spans and cantilever configurations for the construction stage and the composite stage – along with the flexibility to analyse unequal spans in one application.

Additional features:

  • Design issues are highlighted with warnings as you go, allowing ease of tracking and analysis as design decisions are made.
  • Minimal tabular inputs help guide through the design, producing extensive graphical outputs, all encapsulated as a complete PDF document.
  • The design methodology can be selected to AS/NZS 2327 or Eurocode 4 using structural properties established by testing to EN 1993-1-3 and EN 1994-1-1.

Hibond™ 80 is manufactured by Dimond Structural in Auckland from 100% NZ made steel.

Find out more at  www.hibond80.co.nz with the free intuitive design software available online at www.dimondstructural.co.nz/software

Dimond Structural™ is a Fletcher Steel ™ owned business and has manufacturing sites in Auckland and Christchurch and its products are distributed through the Easysteel and Dimond Roofing nationwide regional branch network.