Solace Low-E raises thermal performance in New Zealand

Solace Low-E raises thermal performance in New Zealand
Published: 28 July 2020

FMI Building Innovation has stepped up the thermal performance of New Zealand’s glazing sector with the release of SOLACE LOW-E, low emissivity glass.

Solace Low-E contributes to a warmer interior surface or any glass panel or window. Its almost invisible coating on the inside of a pane of glass allows the sun’s light and energy in, but reflects heat inwards to create an invisible shield against the cold. The result is significantly reduced condensation in any home or commercial building.

Low-E was introduced to the North American glazing market more than 20 years ago. Initially offered as a premium option limited to residential windows in cold, Northern markets, Low-E has now become a standard window component across many glazing applications across the world.  It is becoming more and more popular as the world moves towards more thermally efficient, low energy homes and offices.

Solace Low-E is a great upgrade on the standard double-glazed offer. For specifiers seeking increased energy efficiency and comfort, adding Low-E high performance glass and argon gas to your double or tripled glazed unit provides even better results.

Solace Low-E is manufactured in New Zealand by FMI Glass in Auckland and in Christchurch. Low-E options are available as a glass upgrade from all 50 Fairview aluminium distributors across New Zealand.

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