Foreno releases new Voda Olympia tapware collection

Foreno releases new Voda Olympia tapware collection
Published: 28 July 2020

Combining strong, modern lines with softened angles and curves, the Voda Olympia collection of tapware is unmistakeably on-trend and designed to impress. Featuring the latest in colour-application technology, Olympia is available in Brushed Gunmetal, Brushed Nickel and Chrome.

Designed for New Zealand living environments and our unique water pressures, the Voda design team take pride in distilling the best of international trends and combining them with local flair to create premium plumbingware products for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Key features include:

  • PVD colour coating for extra durability and peace of mind
  • Tapware is suitable for low and mains pressure
  • Full 10 year warranty

Voda Olympia is also Watermark certified. Watermark certification is the main plumbing product quality scheme in Australasia – whilst it is mandatory in Australia, Voda Plumbingware has voluntarily been a part of this scheme and strive to create Watermark approved products for the New Zealand marketplace.

Because of this, most Voda products meet the Watermark AS/NZS 3718 standard which includes the AS/NZS 4020 standard for the “Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water”.

What this means is that products that meet these standards must not release certain metals (such as lead) beyond minute quantities and that the limits for lead content align with the requirements as detailed in the Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand 2005 (Revised 2008) publication by the Ministry of Health.

Only a handful of tapware companies operating in New Zealand use the Watermark, so when you buy a Voda product that has the Watermark symbol you will know you are buying the healthiest tapware available to New Zealanders.

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