Capable Cables: Nexans Sustainable Range

Capable Cables: Nexans Sustainable Range
Published: 28 July 2020

Nexans is New Zealand’s largest manufacturer and supplier of quality electrical cable, with a heritage of more than 50 years in business.

Nexans New Zealand is part of the global, Nexans Group, meaning it has access to an extensive range of world-leading cable products and solutions, suitable for energy projects of any size and scope. Its Kiwi experts are backed by the knowledge and expertise of one of the world’s largest and most trusted cable manufacturers.

In addition to their extensive range of low voltage and medium voltage cables, Nexans New Zealand offer a solution to the sustainable building market where healthy materials are often sought, with their ‘red list’-free Declare status products Envirolex® and Alsecure®.

(Installer using Nexans Envirolex TPS for a Living Building Challenge)

Nexans received red-list free Declare status in 2019 by the International Living Future Institute which introduced the Red list as part of their Living Building Challenge program. It comprises a list of the worst in class materials prevalent in the building industry. The commonly-used chemicals on the Red List are polluting the environment, bio-accumulating up the food chain until they reach toxic concentrations and are harming construction and factory workers.

The insulation and sheathing Nexans have designed for Envirolex® uses different compounds to standard TPS and because it is not PVC, the cables are low-smoke, zero halogen, lead-free, flexible and hard wearing; making them perform just as well as the cables the industry would usually install. Nexans has already supplied these cables to many projects such as hotels, hospitals and universities where their building specifications require the materials to meet lower smoke emission standards.

Envirolex® is the ideal mains, submains and general wiring solution for customers who are designing houses or commercial buildings to a higher environmental standard such as Green Star, CORE or the Living Building Challenge. Envirolex® cables are also non-migatory, making them suitable for polystyrene applications.

Alsecure® cables have been designed to maintain circuit integrity and life-saving essential services in the event of fire and are halogen free, low smoke, flame retardant with low toxicity and corrosive emission.

Both Nexans Alsecure® and Envirolex® ranges dramatically reduce health risks as well as environmental impact because they do not contain PVC. Customers can be sure that for any project they are working on to any environmentally sustainable and health standard, they will surpass that standard with Alsecure® and Envirolex®.

Nexans New Zealand distributes its cables to all leading wholesalers.

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