STEINEL makes it easy with the sensor-switched camera-light

STEINEL makes it easy with the sensor-switched camera-light
Published: 22 June 2020

The new STEINEL L600 Camlight provides more than just light and security. Much more!

The sensor-switched light with durable aluminium enclosure and high-quality opal glass is the first Wi-Fi-based camera light from STEINEL – attractive, durable and always in touch with you via an app.

As soon as the 180° infrared motion sensor detects movement within 10m, the light is switched ON and the user receives a message directly to their mobile device. The precision-adjustable camera transmits images of the viewing area to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi and provides you with the option of interacting via the built-in intercom.

With the STEINEL L600, you can see and hear exactly what is happening outside your front door. As soon as movement is detected, the corresponding images are saved to a micro SD card installed in the light. And thanks to the warm-white 3000K light with and an output of 14.3 W, even the darkest shapes are always well illuminated.

STEINEL is a leading German innovation and technology company. All products are designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in Europe.

STEINEL has been defining its success through the quality of its innovations for over 50 years. STEINEL invented the world’s first sensor-switched outdoor lights in 1987. In 2002 STEINEL was the first manufacturer to use high-frequency sensor technology for detecting movements in spaces and buildings and integrated the HF system invisibly into lights. Today, STEINEL is just as much the world’s brand leader in this segment as it is in using LED lighting in conjunction with sensor technology.

The Steinel L600 Camlight and other Steinel products are imported in New Zealand from Electrical Supply Corp.

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