Electrical innovation

Electrical innovation
Published: 21 May 2020

Vynco Bond Grilles are an excellent example of improved engineering and stylish design in action.

Bond grilles are designed to accompany the air extraction from damp or wet areas in a building. While traditional grilles are static and fixed to the wall or ceiling, making cleaning and maintenance difficult, Vynco Bond grilles, with their patented magnetic design, make installation, changing and cleaning of grilles trouble free.

The Vynco Bond Grille was created to please both installer and end-user. Customers looking for a stylish design for their bathrooms, will love this Bond Grille, with its convenience and versatility – able to change to suit several colour/shape requirements – placing it at the top of the market, outshining standard fixed grilles.

The Vynco Bond Grille is designed by Vynco, a Kiwi company renowned for constantly challenging traditional ideas and making improvements to existing products.

The company was founded 30 years ago by the Vale family, who have been in the electrical industry for more than 70 years. The company’s focus has always been on research and development, bringing in the brightest local talent to design and create products specifically for Australasian conditions.

Vynco has its own 15 strong in-house R&D team who are constantly challenging traditional ideas in the industry and developing new products, as well as making improvements to existing products that have been static for years. Research and development is the heart of Vynco’s diverse, dynamic and innovative business, with more than 60% of what they sell designed, engineered, sourced or assembled in house!

Vynco works directly with electricians, specifiers, and architects to adjust and rapidly improve products. Vynco’s designs are often contractor driven, with the team pushing the boundaries to develop products that offer easier installation, higher performance, and improved aesthetics. Vynco also performs its own in-house quality control on all product ranges, ensuring that it hits the shelves in the best possible condition.

Vynco is 100% New Zealand family owned and operated and has a large nationwide sales team. With premises in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, Vynco offers a port of call in the major centres that provides overnight delivery and same day collections. Wherever you are in New Zealand, Vynco prides itself on providing quick and convenient service to make the operation of your business as smooth as possible.

The company is a leading distributor of electrical components within New Zealand, as well as exporting to Australia, and Pacific Islands.

Learn more at www.vynco.co.nz