SiteSoft Launches the SiteConnect Covid-19 Healthy Site Module to Ensure Compliance with Alert Level 3

SiteSoft Launches the SiteConnect Covid-19 Healthy Site Module to Ensure Compliance with Alert Level 3
Published: 23 April 2020

As lockdown alert level 4 ends and alert level 3 commences, the construction industry is rapidly assessing whether it can return to work and what it has to do to ensure compliance with new Government Regulations.

In response to industry demand, SiteSoft has launched SiteConnect, a new Covid-19 Healthy Site module to their core SiteConnect solution which ensures compliance with these new government regulations and the continued safety of all staff while on-site.

This new module is FREE to existing customers and is available right now for new customers.

SiteConnect’s Covid-19 Healthy Site module is included in the Health & Safety site management application at no extra cost, supporting Construction companies to make their workplace safer and more compliant environment for workers and visitors.

Essential elements include:

  • Health declaration for all users after their first login
  • Site management is notified as soon as users sign into sites using GPS or QR Codes.
  • A complete record of arrivals and departures are kept along with the sign-in and sign-out declarations for each site entry and
  • SiteConnect enables simple self-management of the Covid-19 feature. Site account administrators can customize the sign-in and sign-out declarations as needed for their organizations.
  • Site Management: Set-up and store vital information about your sites, enable Geo-Fencing.
  • Simplified document creation and reporting and more…

The SiteConnect team say that construction companies are itching to get back to work and to complete important project work – and to get some of the ‘shovel ready’ projects the Government is funding under way.

At Level 3, on-site work is permitted for the Building and Construction sector, provided you have a Covid-19 control plan in place, with appropriate health and safety and physical distancing measures for both staff and building occupants.

One of the control measures is physical distancing – which means keeping one metre between workers on construction sites. Where tradespeople are working in other people’s homes or workplaces, they must stay two metres away from people at the location. Your control plan must also show how you will meet hygiene requirements such as washing hands and equipment and the measures in place to allow for contact tracing.

There is no requirement to register your plan, but you must have one in place and share it with your staff. If a Covid-19 controls plan is not in place or building and construction work cannot be carried out safely, staff must not go to work, and premises should remain closed.

SiteConnect says their Covid-19 Healthy Site module enables the local Construction Sector to get back to work and to fulfil their Health & Safety site management responsibilities.

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