RAUTITAN Shows the Way in Connected Water Systems

RAUTITAN Shows the Way in Connected Water Systems
Published: 23 April 2020

The RAUTITAN water services system is a brilliant example of German design and engineering at work.

Developed in collaboration with industry professionals to meet the needs of designer, developer, builder and installer, the RAUTITAN advanced compression sleeve jointing technology provides a robust, reliable and simple connection and the highest standards in hygiene, comfort and lifecycle costs.

The RAUTITAN system is easier to use, faster and more economical while delivering uncompromising security, hygiene and comfort, proven over 20 years in more than 40 countries.

Now, through REHAU’s commitment to help people consume the cleanest water possible, REHAU ANZ has introduced the first lead-safe PE-X plumbing range to Australia and New Zealand. REHAU’s ‘Lead Safe’ RAUTITAN consists of their renowned premium quality PE-Xa PN20 pipe combined with lead free PX polymer fittings, ‘Lead Safe’ Gunmetal fittings and PX polymer sleeves to create the safest and healthiest plumbing on the planet.

Rehau NZ is seeking expressions of interest from specifiers directly to: [email protected]