Masons: our culture and our growth

Masons: our culture and our growth
Published: 23 April 2020

Mason’s enviable reputation for innovation in exterior building products, is built on years of hands-on experience at the coal-face.

Born into a family of bricklayers in Brisbane, Trent Mason, founder of Masons started his apprenticeship at the age of 15 with his father.  But it was a working holiday that brought him to New Zealand and set him on a path to becoming a leading company in its field.

Trent initially saw a niche in the market to plaster brick buildings – hence the brand at the time – ‘Plastabrick’ – but rapidly progressed to manufacturing their own range of exterior plaster cladding systems and renders.

Recognising a gap in the market, the team developed the Masons Brick-tie and Concrete Admixtures, becoming the largest seller of brick ties and the ‘go-to’ name for bricklaying tools and consumables in New Zealand.

Their range continued to grow – all with a focus on exteriors – now offering an extensive collection of exterior building products, including building wraps, brick ties, DPC, self-adhesive window tapes, concrete admixtures, wrap strapping, bituminous sealers, PEF rods and exterior plaster cladding systems.

“Masons offers a complete product range that will protect the frame of the building from water and damp,” says Trent Mason. “Using a complete system from one recognised supplier is vital when the demands from the council and NZBC regarding product warranties and appraisals is higher than ever.”

Last year Masons introduced the game-changing UNI Flexible Air Barrier into the marketplace, allowing early closure on builds before cladding. And as part of the support for the builders, Masons does onsite training at the builder’s site – and even lends them a gun. Builders get LBP points on completion of the training.

It’s the small things that make a difference at Masons. Rather than put Masons BrickTies in a bag, they’re delivered in a bucket that can be reused in the building site. And there are always an extra 20 screws in the bucket because Trent knows that Brickies are always dropped screws down the cavity during installation.

Employees at Masons treat the business as their own. “Culture is more important than skills,” Trent says. “I will always employ on culture first to fit in with the team, then work on the skills later,” he says.

“We have weekly team meetings to communicate what is going on companywide, we have two company conferences every year and regular team meetings, so we are all in sync with what’s going on in and around the industry,” says Trent.

In 2020 Masons innovation continues, with a number of exciting products set to hit the market, never before seen in New Zealand, so their advice is to “stay tuned!”

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