3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape

3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape
Published: 23 April 2020

3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape is a super sticky self-adhered membrane that provides a tough, elastomeric coating. The product has a unique pressure sensitive adhesive that aggressively sticks and stays stuck to a wide variety of substrates at both high and low temperatures and even adheres to damp surfaces.

Super sticky, strong and elastic – it can be stretched 500% without tearing*.  3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape is perfect for Fire Stopping curtain wall joints and other construction joints in conjunction with a primary mineral wool firestop – a great alternative to messy sprays and sheet metal flashing.

The product is used curtain wall or perimeter joints , head of wall, wall to wall, floor to wall, floor to floor and bottom of wall construction joints – some of the fastest growing segments of the firestopping industry. When installed in the method described in a  tested system (with mineral wool backing) the Fire & Water Barrier Tape System acts as a barrier to fire, water, smoke and sound.

*tested systems may be limited to 50% elongation for firestops within a tested system.

The benefits of 3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape offers are:

  • Less human error during installation
  • Easy to identify. 3M is clearly marked on the tape making for easy identification. The pre-printed label assists with the audit trail of firestop installer, date and system
  • High tack in extreme temperatures (-18 to 49 degrees Celsius) and on damp surfaces
  • No need for special primers
  • Instant water protection, no need to wait around for the product to cure to become water tight
  • Long term aging properties. Age tested for 30+ years
  • Tapes emit no VOCs and meet the needs of LEED v4
  • Historically, low end caulks and latex sprays and been used for this type of application


Fire and Water Barrier Tape is a great alternative to spraying, meaning no sprayers to clean or repair, no mess and no other tools required for installation.

This product saves so much time – so simple and efficient to apply, with instant results; no prep time, no cleaning equipment, no mixing and no cure time.  It is also more sustainable, as it doesn’t require solvents/water for clean-up and subsequent disposal, or electricity to power sprayers.

For further information, contact:

Contact Kelly Anderson – 3M Sales Specialist, Building and Construction Markets
e: [email protected], t: 027 540 7518