Introducing Covertek 401

Introducing Covertek 401
Published: 13 March 2020

New Zealand producer of high quality synthetic roofing underlays, Thermakraft is excited to announce the release of  Covertek 401, which will start production in their East Tamaki factory this month.

Covertek 401 is an affordable lightweight roof underlay designed to keep water out yet allow moisture to escape. Covertek 401 represents the latest development in synthetic underlays, with even higher performance specifications than Thermakraft 401.

Covertek 401 consists of a microporous water-resistant film sandwiched between two layers of shrink-resistant, spun-bonded polyolefin. Covertek 401 is much stronger than earlier synthetic roof underlays, it is self-supported and suitable for use over timber or steel framing and underneath steel or tiled roofs.

Covertek 401 is a more affordable option if your project does not require a fire-retardant underlay. The strength of Covertek 401 also means it is very unlikely to rip or tear when being installed, even in high wind, rain or snow. In fact Covertek 401 can form a temporary roof while awaiting steel or tiles.

Another key feature is a change of the fabric colour from white to grey, reducing the reflected glare for roofers.

Thermakraft Group is a leading provider of premium wall and roof underlay products and safety roof mesh in New Zealand and Australia. They’re very proud to be New Zealand owned and are committed to developing world class products the enhance the spaces in which we choose to live and work.

Thermakraft is constantly developing and testing new innovations and production methods to remain at the forefront of building technology. Their product formulation has been developed and proven over many years to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Covertek 401 has a 15-year warranty and is produced in New Zealand under the ISO9001 quality management system standard, and is BRANZ appraised.

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