GIB’s Commitment to Green

GIB’s Commitment to Green
Published: 25 March 2020

Winstone Wallboards are committed to increasing the importance we put on sustainability. We are currently looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint, increase our waste recycling options and improve internally to provide a better environment for future generations. It’s not just something we talk about, it is a philosophy we live by.

Current spotlight: Fabric Apartments

Fabric Apartments in Onehunga, Auckland is an example of a current large-scale project utilising one of the waste initiatives we have implemented with Green Gorilla – the company who provides specialised recycling and waste services for commercial, industrial, construction and residential clients – with landfill being the last resort.

They have introduced a plasterboard recycling service in Auckland whereby plasterboard is collected separately from general building and construction waste and handled through Green Gorilla’s custom designed and built plasterboard processing system.

Gypsum recycling – how it works

Green Gorilla take plasterboard off-cuts direct from building sites to their unique processing facility which separates the gypsum (the main component in most plasterboard) from the facing. The recycled gypsum, which is a soft sulphate mineral, is then used throughout the agricultural and horticultural industries to add calcium without shifting pH, for soil conditioning, dropping salinity levels and is supplied to farmers, freight companies, orchards and vineyards. The facing extracted from the recycling process is also recycled nearby.

The waste volumes and tonnages of recycled matter are recorded and reported per project for builders and their customers. This allows plasterboard recovery statistics to be provided as part of total site landfill diversion and environmental reporting for Greenstar and Homestar accreditation.

Gordon White, Residential Market Manager at Winstone Wallboards says with Fletcher Building in the process of committing to carbon and waste production targets this has been a large contributor in the development of new products such as GIB Weatherline® which has been used throughout the Fabric Apartments site.

“When it comes to introducing eco-friendlier product, if you do it well, in a consistent manner and it can be rolled out in a cost-effective way, then people are more likely to use it,” he says. “Builders are becoming more aware of what they’re putting in landfill and we’re seeing demand for greener solutions at both ends – builders and end-users.”

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