Bi-Fold Systems Reinvents Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Systems Reinvents Internal Bi-Fold Doors
Published: 25 March 2020

Developed by two brothers and a large dose of bit of Kiwi ingenuity, an idea was born: there had to be a better way of design, operating, installing Bi-Fold doors… and there is!

They set about reinventing how internal Bi-Fold doors operate by simplifying everything about them.

That meant hiding the tracking system, streamlining components and eliminating annoying adjustments. In fact they managed to eliminate a bag-full of components, including top and bottom pivots, adjustments, carriage wheels, floor brackets or tracking, jamb brackets, drilling holes and spanners!

The result is the Bi-Fold Systems patented system that makes Bi-folds easier to install and definitely easier on the eye.

They’re hung the same way as any other internal door during the build and they’re perfect for laundries, wardrobes, hallways for space saving and office/library.

A hidden carriage tracking systems allows door architraves to be the same height as other internal doors throughout the build and the system is much stronger also, even able to hang up to 42kg solid doors. No adjustments are required as there is nothing to adjust!

The big savings come in the installation, saving more than 70% in time management over existing Bi Fold door onsite installation and 85% on pre-hung Bi Fold door installations.

Bi-Fold Systems are supplied as complete standard kits or customised to suit different heights and widths. The complete kit includes the routed aluminium channel guide pre-glued into the head and jambs, Patent Bi-Fold System hinges, normal hinges, guide wheel bracket, magnet doors closures, and door stops, the system becomes a simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional end result.

Bi Fold Systems are patented in NZ with applied patents in Australia, Europe and USA.

The system carries a full 30 year warranty, with the prototype being opened and shut 105,000 times without any sign of wear and tear. Having kits in the market for over a year, the brothers report there have been no complaints, only compliments.

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