ReStyl by PSP transforms New Zealand’s Textured Film Sector

ReStyl by PSP transforms New Zealand’s Textured Film Sector
Published: 13 February 2020

PSP has launched a new textured architectural film, ReStyl by PSP, and they’re quietly confident it will transform the sector.

ReStyl by PSP is a highly versatile, self-adhesive film that can cover almost any surface in no time. It is used in refreshing and upcycling spaces such as office interiors, hotel rooms, retail, restaurants and cafes, merchandising and more – without the cost of removing or demolishing and replacing architectural elements.

The main advantage of the ReStyl by PSP range is that clients can create a new look for their space without huge cost. Then, after 18 months, even if the commercial space has another refresh, the total project would still be under budget compared to a complete refit.

PSP can provide ReStyl in under 2 weeks, which includes the full comprehensive range and with low minimum order quantities. Additionally, this product is very competitive in terms of price, therefore providing exceptional value and accessibility to a great product with virtually limitless use and quick turnaround.

ReStyl by PSP is extremely versatile across many interior spaces, offering a low maintenance covering that is both quick and easy to apply and comes with up to ten years warranty. It also offers other benefits such as resistance to UV rays, New Zealand standard flame retardancy, and stain resistance to products such as coffee and soy sauce. The product is also anti-microbial, which makes it a perfect product to use in hotels, offices and retail.

The product is available directly through PSP, to request a quote please visit