No Trips, No Drips: JESANI® Shower Channel Solves the Most Common Wetroom Problems

No Trips, No Drips: JESANI® Shower Channel Solves the Most Common Wetroom Problems
Published: 13 February 2020

The JESANI® Shower Channel is a modern, stylish and efficient linear drain that creates a sleek flawless finish to any shower area.

But the stainless steel Shower Channel is more than a simply aesthetic option, dealing with a number of important architectural and waterproofing issues common to many wetroom installations.

Primarily, it means that nib walls are eliminated – these are a hazard, especially for the elderly, plus the JESANI® Shower Channel simplifies and improves floor tiling, removing the complication of a circular central waste.

The functional design of the channel prevents water damage around critical joins where the channel rests in the timber framing and ensures greater peace of mind against undesirable watery insurance claims / rotting timber frames and flooring in the future.

The channels can sit in various positions for a more open shower area, which in turn allow for more suitable drainage of waste water without detracting from the sleek bathroom design that you’ve created.

It silently and calmly finishes a beautifully created space off to perfection.

Key Benefits:


  • Eliminate nib walls which are a trip hazard
  • Eliminate free water overflow from shower to bathroom area, thus reducing slip hazards just outside shower zone
  • Level access for all ages, abilities and disabilities


  • No need to do four-way cut tiles for a circular waste
  • Cleaner floor lines for tiling and aesthetically pleasing to the eye


  • A product that will ensure the best drainage over a lifetime, protecting your property from inhouse water ingress around shower outlets where 70% of your households water is transported/drained away

Ideal for:

  • Residential, Apartment, Retirement Villages, Motels, Hotels.

JESANI®’s drainage systems are your first choice for bathroom flooding prevention. They’ve been specially designed for ease of installation and to seamlessly integrate into any room that has potential for water leaks and flooding. Installation is so simple, it is guaranteed to reduce time and expenses for all trades involved.

The JESANI® product range is stylish and minimalistic, creating an attractive, unobtrusive solution for new builds, renovations, and retrofitting in residential, commercial, and public situations.

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